About Us

Philadelphia Art Teachers Alliance is a network for teachers in the Philadelphia area who are interested in building a community to support, connect, and collaborate with each other. We gather to share ideas, art, lessons, and classroom management techniques all in the spirit of growth and fellowship.
As any of us are aware, some of our city and public schools can prove to be challenging in many ways, and this group is here to support one another. We aim to help our art teachers and our students thrive in some of the most underfunded, overcrowded, and overlooked classrooms.
Whether you are teaching in Philadelphia proper or dealing with an urban classroom crisis somewhere else, this group will hopefully be a place you can rely on for support and guidance.
The kids need us y'all!

And remember, we have strength in numbers!
We have monthly meetings where we get together and share lessons, and discuss relevant issues to our schools and classrooms. Some of our meetings take place with local institutions where they plan an art activity for us or guide us on a tour of their facilities. (Sometimes both!)
To become involved either as an instiution willing to host a meeting, or as a Philadelphia area art teacher who'd like to become involved, please contact us at [email protected]com